Cooking with Katie

A Fish Tail

My family and I just got back from our family vacation in Georgia and it was so much fun!!! We stayed in a beautiful cabin in the Smoky Mountains and spent most of our time outside. My siblings and I are a couple of wimpy city kids, though, and this was our first time getting to experience the outdoors in this way. We had a beautiful stream in our backyard and lots of trees and greenery everywhere, and we really enjoyed going hiking and rafting and fishing.

Although my brothers were really gung-ho for all the outdoorsy stuff, my sister and I were still pretty unsure about the whole thing, but fishing was one activity that we both really enjoyed. We’re used to fishing in a lake for little feeder fish like sunnys or croakers, but fishing in an actual river for trout was so different and so much more exciting! It was so fun that my brothers and I decided to go out one evening and catch trout for dinner. It was such a great experience, and now, I’m going to share what I learned with you guys!

These are my brothers, Asher and Adin. I think they’re baiting their hooks in this picture…and making plans to try to push each other in the water. You know, guy stuff.

We used a couple different kinds of bait. We started off with salmon eggs, but they were too easy for the fish to just nip off the hooks. So then we tried live crickets but, once again, they were too easy for the fish to just bite off. We ended up just using good ol’ worms, and they worked the best.

Asher was the first one to catch a trout and he actually went on to catch 2 more, too. He was so happy to catch his first trout and we were all really proud of him.

A quick note about my dad: He wasn’t really posing for the camera in any of the pictures so…just know that. 😉

Yay!!! I finally caught one!!! It was such a great feeling to tame a wild fish!…well, maybe I didn’t really tame it, and…I guess it wasn’t really a “wild” fish. But you get the idea.

I think my dad’s saying, “Geez girl, don’t whack me with the pole!”

Isn’t great how daughters can know exactly what their fathers are thinking just by looking at their faces!?

I would now like to point out that I did catch the biggest fish of the trip. It was 12 inches long! 🙂

Now that the hard part was done, it was time for the gross part. Cleaning and gutting the fish. I’ll save you the horror and not post any detailed pictures.

You’re welcome.

My dad grew up in Colorado and served in the army. This was where his Rocky Mountain and military experience really came in handy. Trout don’t have scales, so all we had to do was cut them open and take out the nasty stuff. My brother decided he wanted a front row seat to learn how it was done, but I decided to just sit back and watch. In this picture, I was thinking, “ is that!?”

Oh gosh, now it’s my turn!

Please excuse Adin, I don’t know where his shirt went. It was probably stolen by a bear.

Hey look, I’m doing it!!!

Hey look, a belly button!!!

Now that the fish were clean, it was time to cook them! We dusted them with flour, paprika, salt, and pepper and threw them in a screaming hot pan. The skin got super crispy and the meat just fell away from the bones, it was delicious!

We also put a couple on a piece of oiled aluminum foil on the grill.

As you can see, the skin didn’t get quite as crispy, but the grill did give them a really great smoky flavor.

So now it’s your turn! Go out, try something new, and tell me about your adventures! I’d love to hear!