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Gardening Tips! Brussels Sprouts

I’ve decided to start something new on my blog, Gardening Tips! Last spring, my family and I thought it would be fun to start a garden in our backyard, and we grew so many delicious fruits and veggies. So I thought that with the spring season coming up, I would start sharing some tips and tricks to having a vegetable garden. First up, our Brussel Sprout Experience!

This is a Brussel sprout plant. We let ours get a little out of control and didn’t pick the ones at the bottom soon enough, though. To have an even more healthy and productive plant, tie them up to stakes so that they stand up tall and check on them regularly to pick off the ones growing at the bottom. They probably won’t be good to eat, but you’ll want to pick them off anyway.

These sprouts are actually growing new brussels sprout plants right now, which is the outcome of us not picking them soon enough. 🙂 This is good for this spring, though, because we’ll have new plants!

These brussels sprouts are not good to eat!

These are the ones you want to eat!

Just use a knife to cut them away from the stem and then give them a good rinse once you get inside!

My mom just steamed these brussels sprouts and we always eat them by dipping them in vinegar. I know it sounds weird, but that’s how my mom’s grandparents taught her and that’s the only you’ll ever get any of us kids to go near them! I’ll try to post more gardening tips these next few months,so enjoy!